Can the right IT partner maintain the security of my data?

You can get ongoing IT help without paying more money if you work with a reputable outsourced IT provider.

What IT management and security techniques does Nevada Computer Support concentrate on delivering to Nevada businesses?

Nevada Computer Support is aware that no business owner can feel secure unless they know that a strategy is in place to maintain their computer environments while safeguarding their data, customer information, and internal business procedures. In order to identify potential vulnerabilities and fix them before they might ever be used by the enemy as a portal, we think it is important to establish proactive IT solutions that are supported by ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


Can an outsourced IT support team assist me in protecting the data and workflow of my business?

Through a relationship with Nevada Computer Support, businesses in Nevada State have access to a group of knowledgeable experts who have the knowledge and abilities to create and maintain secure IT assets and networks. With a cost-effective subscription approach, our managed IT services are accessible to even the most limited budgets. Best of all, we take special care to ensure that our clients' sensitive data and proprietary information is safe and only accessible by them and their trusted personnel. Our IT care is proactive, thorough, and all-inclusive.

The Nevada Computer Support team can maintain, manage, and safeguard all of our clients' technological investments, freeing them up to focus their time and energy on the responsibilities of running their businesses.

We focus on offering the following to each of our clients:

Transmissions of emails that are secure and encrypted

Monitoring and execution of policies and protocols

Two-factor authentication

Services for encrypting data

Access to data and mobile worklow securely

Disaster recovery and backup services

Industry-specific knowledge of compliance laws

Protocols for role-based access to stop internal spying

Multiple firm locations can be supported via cloud technologies.

Antivirus, firewall, and anti-malware protection solutions that are proactive

What is Managed IT Services?

A comprehensive method of outsourcing IT support is managed IT services. Systems are regularly kept operational and secure by utilizing a wide range of IT support best practices.

Regular Maintenance

Cybersecurity Inspection

The best management practices

Help Desk and Troubleshooting

Monthly Flat-Rate Billing

What Kinds of Services Can I Expect From Nevada Computer Support Managed IT Services?

What Sectors Does Nevada Computer Support Serve?

Nevada Computer Support supports a variety of industries and has the expertise required to assist our esteemed clients in achieving and maintaining safe and effective IT networks and systems.

We focus on offering the following to each of our clients:

Construction companies

Professional services firms

Non-profit organizations

Manufacturing companies

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